Chris & Tina Costrini, Venango, NE

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Date: August 7, 2019

Venango is a village of around 160 people in southwest Nebraska, resting less than a mile from the border of Colorado. We are an agricultural community, with wheat and corn being the primary crops. Venango Community Church has been a part of the community for 131 years as a faithful witness to the Gospel.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for our local farmers; the changes and challenges of the modern farm economy have been very hard on them. Many are struggling with finances and some are having to quit farming altogether. Pray also for our KYB (Know Your Bible) program for kids. It has been a great outreach to the local children, and we have seen several come to Christ through that work. Recently we have seen some younger folks fleeing Denver for quieter parts; please pray that we can build relationships with these folks who have come to the country, primarily to be left alone.

(Venango Community Church, PO Box 177, Venango, NE 69168)

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