Charitable Gifts Via Your Will

Everyone needs to make their final wishes known

Did you know?:

  • On average, a person works more than forty years to accumulate worldly goods.
  • Spends ten years conserving what has been earned.
  • But, does not spend even two hours planning how to distribute what is left behind.

Every year 70-80% of Americans who die, do so without having prepared a valid estate plan. The confusion that often occurs following the death of a loved one can be burdensome. This burden can be eased, however, through proper planning. The care taken to properly plan is a demonstration of love and consideration to those left behind. By making your wishes known you can protect your family and others close to you from legal entanglements, unnecessary expenses and stress at a very difficult time.

Preparing an estate plan is a very thoughtful and personal matter and much prayer for God’s specific guidance is needed. A will gives you the choice of naming someone you trust to settle your affairs and manage your estate according to your direction. With a will you can provide a secure future for minor children, spouses, other loved ones and also impact eternity by giving to the Lord’s work.

Village Missions will provide to you free of charge, “A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust.” This guide will help you to think about how you want your assets to be distributed at death and assist you in gathering the information your attorney will need to prepare a will and trust to carry out your wishes. It will save you time and money when you consult with your attorney.

Ask for your copy by contacting us.

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