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Date: November 18, 2009
stroudpaulIt’s a tremendous encouragement to me when I see the folks to whom I minister reaching out in ministry to others. Case in point: one man in our church loves to run and usually runs a couple of miles every day. His run takes him past an assisted living/retirement facility across the street from his house. During the course of his running, one elderly gentleman waved at him each day from the window of his room. The man in our church always waved back, but decided one day that he really needed to do more than just wave. So he began to visit the man in his room and developed a relationship with him. He now visits this older gentleman regularly and has even taken him across the street to his home to have dinner with him and his family. His wife and teenage children all love this older gentleman and thoroughly enjoy the time they get to share with him. The fact that this gentleman is an amputee and can’t get around on his own makes these visits all the more special – both for him and for the family who gets to visit with him. Only our Lord knows whether or not this older man will ever come to Christ, but that’s not the issue. As our people are discovering, we’re here to demonstrate Christ’s love to people regardless of their response. Yes, we want to see people come to Jesus Christ – that’s what we’re here for! – but if getting them in church or saved is our only motive for loving them, that’s hypocrisy at its worst. We want to love them simply because they need to be loved. If, by God’s grace, they come to Christ, it will be because they know we truly love them, with no ulterior motives or agendas. Paul & Robbi Stroud
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