Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: March 14, 2007
mar-14-johnson-chad.JPGWe were able to have a couple over to our house for lunch, and it was a very enjoyable time. During the course of our conversation, the husband said he would be retiring in a year or two and that when he retired, he desired to put a lot of his time and energy into ministry here in Cedar River. He asked if I’d be able to teach him how to preach and said he would love to do some calling with me, and he’s just excited to have the kind of time necessary to devote toward being a servant and worker for the Lord. Obviously, we were greatly encouraged by this. I’ve been praying since we came here that God would raise up men passionate about their walk with Christ, faithful in their service to the Lord, and leaders in the home and in the church. This was a great answer to prayer and such an encouragement to us to see God working.  Chad & Sarah Johnson
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