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Dear Friend,

The last commandment given by Jesus to His followers was to “Go and Make Disciples.”

And we understand that making disciples is more than simply equipping them to be better followers of Jesus. We understand that disciples become leaders. Jesus started with twelve men, carefully selected. He called them. They followed. And for three years, they walked with Him and learned. They were discipled by their master.

As Executive Director I have been asking God, “How will we have enough leaders to fill the churches all across America that need full-time pastors?”

Churches need leaders!

That’s why I am so excited about Contenders Discipleship Initiative. I believe that God has answered our prayers! It does three things!

  1. It takes church members who are serious about following Jesus and gives them outstanding discipleship training in a formal environment.
  2. This provides strong spiritual leadership within a church and community.
  3. It will develop Village Missionaries to serve in the many churches that are begging us for a pastor.

I know that when people are about to say their last goodbye, the things they say just before they leave are the most important. Jesus’ last command was that we should make disciples. Fulfilling His command means that we will have stronger leadership, leadership we can pass on to the next generation and the next, and to those who have never even heard of God’s love.

At the end of each year, friends of Village Missions frequently want to give a special love offering to help keep Country Churches alive. I would like to ask you to do something very special this year. This summer we will be holding summer conferences, and at these conferences not only will our Village Missionaries get some time of refreshment and encouragement, but they will also receive in-depth training in the Contenders Discipleship Initiative and in disciple making.

As our Village Missionaries become more aware of this program, several are beginning their own Contenders schools using the resources we provide! They are leading their people to become better equipped disciples who will make great leaders in the rural churches of America. Next year’s staff conferences will be essential in further developing effective discipleship.

The cost for this will be $700 per family. I would like you to pray and ask God how He would like you to be involved.

As the year comes to an end, I imagine many of you have been very blessed. I imagine for others of you, this year has been a struggle. I don’t want in any way to pressure you, but would you ask God what He would like you to do? I believe this is a critically important initiative for Village Missions, for rural communities, and even for our country.

Your help will give those who live in country places an opportunity to know and follow Jesus, and grow in their faith, and share it with others.

Please do whatever you feel God wants you to do in this regard. We have been watching God bless this program and bless us as we have begun to disciple and prepare leaders for people who live in areas that seem to be forgotten.

Standing with you and the Country Churches,

Brian Wechsler signature

Brian Wechsler
Executive Director

PS. Please do whatever you can to help a Village Missionary attend our summer conference and be fully equipped to lead members of their church in the Contenders Discipleship Initiative!

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