Summer Conferences 2018


Give the gift of R.E.S.T

Our Summer Conferences offer a unique opportunity for missionaries to be trained to equip future missionaries. Would you consider helping these missionaries attend their conference?

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Staff conference is a 5-day event held each summer for our Village Missionaries. The five days are an opportunity for each of our Village Missionaries and their families to get away from the responsibilities of ministry and simply rest. That’s why our theme this summer is “R.E.S.T.”

During these five days, our Village Missionaries and their children are spiritually Renewed, Encouraged by fellow missionaries and Strengthened and Trained through the preaching of God’s Word. Here are just a couple of the comments I received after conference last year.

Thank you to all who donated and prayed for conference! It was our first conference after our first year on our field, and it was challenging, encouraging, and restful. So wonderful to have our eyes pointed back to Jesus as the focus of why and how we minister. Adam & Tamara Hamill, Rock, MI
Our family is so thankful for all who make it possible to go to conference each year! Our family truly needs the time to feel so loved, special and encouraged. Thank you! Mike & Mati Winters, Mackay, ID

Would you consider a gift of any amount to help give Village Missionaries a week of renewal this summer? Your gift will help give Village Missionaries the R.E.S.T. they need to continue serving in rural North America.

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