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Since 1983, Village Missions has provided low income housing for our Village Missionaries who have faithfully served in rural churches across North America. Will you help as we continue to build more homes for retired Village Missionaries?

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Village Missionaries give so much during their time of service. They may move more often than most families and rarely have equity built up in a home. Instead of investing in property or pursuing high salaries, they have chosen to spend their careers serving the churches of rural North America. And because of this selfless service, life after retirement can be a challenge.

One of our desires here at Village Missions is to help provide for our missionaries after their retirement. One way we help is through retirement communities. Village Missions has three such communities scattered across the United States–Dallas, Oregon; Clifton, Colorado; and New Gloucester, Maine. Through God’s work and the generous giving of many people, we are in the process of expanding the New Gloucester community. We have enough property to build four more homes.

In October of 2014, we held a fundraising banquet to get the next phase of building started, and ground was broken for two homes this spring. Watch our progress.

Would you consider giving towards this project that benefits missionaries who served so faithfully?

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