Changing lives in rural North America

Village Missions churches across North America need your help in order to remain a strong, vital presence in their communities. Would you help one of these churches by joining our Adopt a Church program?

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Country churches are closing their doors for the last time every day.  From rural villages in the northeast to small farm towns scattered across the central plains to isolated logging communities out west, rural communities are in need of the gospel. The Great Commission was to “Go into all the world”, but rural America has fallen through the cracks.

What if YOU could help keep a church alive and change an entire community in the process?  What if YOU could help be an authentic voice of hope and love in these forgotten fields?  Through the Adopt a Church program, you can

Below, you can see our Village Mission’s churches that need adopting. Many of these small communities simply do not have the financial means to support a pastor and keep the church doors open. 

Whether you are able to cover their entire need or just a portion of it, you will be making a difference that will echo throughout all eternity.

Here’s how it looks.

  1. Choose a church from below whose ministry speaks to you.
  2. Choose your monthly donation amount. You might be able to take on the entire need for the church or only commit to a portion–we’ll join you with other people or groups who also want to make a difference for this church.
  3. Commit to pray for your adopted church. You could even write letters or visit your adopted church.

Please Consider Adopting One Of These Churches

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