Addressing Misconceptions about Rural Christianity

What is Village Missions, Part 6 | An Interview & Misconceptions

As staff writer Makenzie McNeill began to prepare for her first interview with Village Missions, she had to address misconceptions about rural Christianity.

What Is Village Missions, Part 5 | The Door

Staff writer Makenzie McNeill continues to detail her story of discovering Village Missions. In this installment, she shares her experiences as the door begins to open.

What Is Village Missions, Part 4 | The Unknown Mission Field

As Makenzie explored the Village Missions webpage and a potential new job, she stumbled upon a new-to-her concept: the unknown mission field.

What Is Village Missions, Part 3 | The Discovery

Makenzie continues her story of her discovery of Village Missions. In this post, she shares how she first heard of the ministry of Village Missions.
The Opening for Staff Writer at Village Missions

What Is Village Missions, Part 2 | The Opening

Makenzie McNeill had just began to sense God’s leading towards a change in life; halfway across the country, Tim Griffiths needed to fill a position.
What Is Village Missions?

What Is Village Missions, Part 1 | The Hunch

Makenzie McNeill continues to share the story that spans from Texas to Oregon. Find out how God led Makenzie and her husband Duncan to the realization that they would be moving on from Texas.
From Texas to Oregon: Makenzie's journey

Following God from Texas to Oregon

Makenzie was a Texas resident with no idea of the need for the gospel in rural areas. As our new Stewardship Assistant, she is making discoveries and sharing them with you in her monthly blog posts.
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