Casey & Hope Holencik, Mossyrock, WA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: July 7, 2016

It was an interesting month this month. A number of people went on vacation and were gone on various Sundays. There had been a bad stomach bug going around that knocked some people out of a couple of Sundays and other things during the month that made attendance really up and down. The last week of the month, things seemed to all come together and everybody recovered at once and returned from vacation all at one time. Everyone seemed to really enjoy catching up with each other all over again. Fellowship and after-church conversations have really been a great time of encouragement for many people, myself included in the church.

Hope has joined up with the Fire Department this month, on the medical side. For now it will be interesting seeing how we juggle who goes on which calls and so forth, but not only is she super excited to get out and start helping, but it has been a huge encouragement for the Fire Department as well.

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