Carl & Drea DeyArmin, Vesta, WA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: July 3, 2012
I can be brief because it was brief. Sunday a gentleman walked down the road in front of the church carrying a rolling duffel bag and was clearly agitated. A little strange in any context, but especially out here. One of my elders, who knows everyone out here (not an overstatement), told me about him and said he has no idea who he is – that got my attention.   I got in my car, found him, and pulled over to ask if he was OK. When asked where he was going, he said, “To hell.” I introduced myself to him as the pastor and told him I could show him how to avoid that destination. I did not have much time, but did get in a quick gospel presentation and invitation to church. His attitude changed almost immediately, and he said he would come visit us on a future Sunday. Stay tuned . . . .  
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