Carl & Drea DeyArmin, Machias, WA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: December 12, 2018

It was 6:30 on Sunday morning. Leaving the gate from the parsonage to get to the church building, an unknown individual popped out from behind a cargo trailer. I think we were both shocked to encounter each other. He asked, “are you the pastor?” I answered him, and could tell he had spent a long, cold night in loneliness.

He had been walking for hours on the bike path/walking trail that passes in front of our church building after leaving a very dangerous situation. I invited him inside the church basement. For an hour and a half, he shared his story. His story is a familiar one – including addiction and incarceration, but these are not the core issues. Rather, loneliness, brokenness, meaninglessness defined him.

He had some spiritual background, so I was able to connect his story to the redemptive story of Scripture. Courageously, he called someone he could stay with and get organized. I drove him there, and before he left my car, I prayed with him. Please pray he will respond to my offers to continue to meet, and that God would graciously renew him for His glory.

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