Band-Aids for Pastors: Caring for Ministry Wounds

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Date: July 9, 2019
By Mark Canady, District Representative, Western District

Bonnie and I recently enjoyed a Facetime conversation with our son and his family. Our daughter-in-law had had an accident on a skateboard and was showing us her wounds, and then I mentioned a fall I had taken and showed my wounds! Finally, our three-year-old granddaughter piped up and said, “Papa, I got hurt too and it took TWO Band-Aids!”

It’s very hard to beat a “two Band-Aid” wound.

Ministry Wounds & Band-Aids

Last week we had our annual Village Missions Conference and for some, it was a “two Band-Aid” event. I should clarify that we do NOT wound our missionaries when they come to conference, but at times they do come wounded! AND sometimes it takes “two Band-Aids”!

At our Cannon Beach conference, we had families from at least 5 states. With our childcare workers included, our group numbered over 240.

I want to talk about the value of Village Missions Conference. I do have some background in this area, having attended my first VM conference at Horn Creek Camp in 1959. Of that first conference I have only one memory, and it is from a story my parents told of me biting a chunk of glass from one of the serving glasses at camp. From that time on it was decided that I would use metal cups!

Even though those early conference memories are a blur, I find my childhood and teen memories precious indeed. I loved the time with fellow VM kids. I enjoyed the preachers. I liked the time away from our field of service. I loved the way Rev and Mrs. Duff would greet us at conference–like we were family. AND finally, I loved watching band-aids applied to some who came with ministry wounds.

There was a short hiatus from conference in my later high school and college years. Then, when Bonnie and I joined Village Missions we attended our first conference in 1982–and what a joy it was to be back.

A Long History of Caring for Ministry Wounds

At conference for many years, we have enjoyed, laughter, singing, fellowship, feasting on the Word of God. We’ve made many wonderful friends. We have also shared sorrows with each other–the death of a spouse, the death of a child and sometimes the death of a ministry dream. Yes, at times it is a “two Band-Aid” event, but we find joy in binding the wounds of others.

So, from a VM kid and a Village Missionary and now a District Representative, thank you so much for your prayers and support of our VM conferences each year, these blessed “Two Band-Aids” events, where we minister to each other and then go back and serve broken people living in the “Middle of Somewhere”!

Psalms 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

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