Building a Legacy For Years to Come

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Date: January 26, 2019

For Years to Come: Building Legacy in Venango, NEIn this bulletin insert Chris & Tina Costrini share about the legacy of the Know Your Bible program at Venango Community Church. It is made available to you as a PDF document.

A Legacy Begins

In 1947, Pastor Robert Wieduwilt of the Venango Congregational Church organized Know Your Bible (KYB), an after school program for local youth in grades 3-6. Over the past seventy years, much changed. We meet in a new building under a new name, and our church partners with Village Missions. The local school closed its doors. But every Wednesday at 4:00 PM, about a dozen kindergarten through sixth graders tumble off the school bus and into Venango Community Church for KYB.

KYB built an amazing legacy of serving God and the children of our community. Families have participated in KYB for three generations, and some volunteers attended KYB when they were younger.

Introducing the Basics

Today our group represents kids from all sorts of backgrounds. A few are from church families but most are not. Some come from broken homes. Some have been adopted out of abusive situations.

Without the church background, we find that today’s kids don’t know the basic Bible stories­—the ones that most of us assume everyone knows. Over the years we’ve introduced these young people to the stories of David and Goliath; Noah and the Ark; and Jonah and the Whale. They don’t know the Christmas story or the death and resurrection of Jesus. Each week we introduce them to a new Bible story and send them home with a short review of the story and a Bible verse to memorize.

God’s Work

God is working in amazing ways among these kids. They are excited to know God and to learn what the Bible teaches. Many of them come back with their story sheet filled out and the Bible verse memorized.

One week we talked about Hannah, her desire to have a son, and how God gave Hannah her wish. We asked, “If you could have a wish granted, what would you wish for?” One young lady wished for a book with all the Bible stories in it. So we sent her home with a Bible—and everyone else got to take one too.

We received this report from one grandma: “Been helping [granddaughter] and reading and discussing the book and work sheets. I’m impressed how much you guys have taught her. I know there are days we wonder if it sinks in. I have found out that she prays when she is sad and alone so just want you and pastor to know…”

The Legacy Continues

Just this week one of these young people expressed a desire to become a pastor someday.

KYB is leaving great legacy, touching the hearts of children and bringing them to Christ for years. As God continues to work we expect that legacy to continue for years to come.

Chris & Tina Costrini have been married for 18 years. They and their children, Caleb and Annie, have served Venango Community Church in southwest Nebraska and worked with KYB for eight years. They have served with Village Missions for 15 years.
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