Bruce & Audrey Chikalla, Bangor, CA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: May 20, 2015

Chikalla-Bruce-Audrey-SquareAs a member of the Fire Department here in Bangor, I find that this is a way to get behind the gates of many of the homes in our community and serve others. Recently we had a call for a man who had some emotional issues. When we got there, it was found that we were called along with the sheriff because he had blisters on his feet. He had traveled a great distance on foot to stay with his sister, who took him in. When I say significant, I mean like over 100 miles walking to get there. He needed shoes and medical supplies to clean his feet. I asked a simple question, “What size shoes do you wear?” I then spoke with his sister and told her I was also the pastor at the church, and she said that she had attended a long time ago. Anyway, I told her I would go buy him some new shoes, so a couple days later I went back up with the new shoes, and the look on his face was priceless. You would have thought I gave him a large sum of money, the way he looked at those shoes. They were very thankful, asked when church was, and I left. They have not shown up at church yet; however, I am praying they do and will see this as an open door. Incidentally, I saw the man down in town a few days later, walking with a smile on his face and new shoes on his feet.

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