Bill and Rebecca Troxel, Nenana, AK

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: February 7, 2018

Nenana is a traditional Athabaskan village. The village is about half Athabaskan and half non-Native. Many locals live a subsistence or partial subsistence lifestyle. That means that hunting, fishing, and trapping are necessities of life. Like many small towns, there are many who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. Coming into the winter, the darkness can be difficult to endure. Typically, we see temperatures in the negative 30s and 40s. Some winters drop into the negative 50s, but that doesn’t usually last. There are several missionary families here, and we all strive to work together as we minister and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Bill works in the volunteer fire department. Please pray for safety. Heating with wood is necessary here, but there are many fire dangers. Working in EMS can be a challenge as Nenana is an hour away from an ER, and the roads can be quite dangerous. Rebecca has been working as a cook for a Head Start preschool program. Pray for her, as she is the first face most parents see, as she builds relationships with parents, teachers, and the little ones. Aerin is in her second year of college. She works part time and gets good grades. Please pray for her as she navigates new challenges as a village girl at a state university. Ethan has been selected for an honors music series. He will travel to New York City in February. He will be playing in a high school symphony at Carnegie Hall. Pray for safe travels and a good life experience. Emily and Will are our littlest ones. They bring a lot of joy and laughter. Please pray for them to continue to grow physically and spiritually.

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