Bill & Rebecca Troxel, Nenana, AK

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: December 2, 2014

Visitation for death can be a great ministry, as we all know. Recently, the visitation was following the death of a beloved pet. The family does not elevate animals to the level of humans, but they love these creatures of God deeply and take their responsibility to steward them seriously. The loss was deep and they are hurting. We discussed the life of the pet and the days leading up to a decision to euthanize him at the vet. We chatted about fond memories, and the grief too. The following Sunday, the couple told me how much it meant to know that I took their grief seriously, while some of their friends and family tried to play it down. The lady was very clear that she has appreciated my willingness to discuss faith and life in simple terms and help her make sense of things. She said that she loves that I am willing to discuss matters of faith without condescension. It reminded me of how little acts of kindness can go so very far when we minister to the people according to their need and situation.

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