Bible College Intern

Bible College Intern

Job Description

In the Bible College Internship program, you will take one or two semesters and explore what rural ministry in the country church is all about. This opportunity enables you to find God’s specific direction for your life and to find out if rural ministry is right for you. Through this summer program, you will be exposed to the unique setting of rural or small town missions.

While the responsibilities of the intern will be set by Village Missions and the local Village Missionary, each internship will be uniquely crafted to fulfill the specific parameters required by the college or university to fulfill the intern’s needed credits.

By the end of the internship, you will have a working knowledge of what is involved in rural ministry, how to handle the many day to day tasks of a small town pastor, as well as a better knowledge of whether the Lord is directing you toward rural ministry.

I’ve been learning a lot that pastoral ministry is about being faithful, even though things often don’t happen as soon or much as we’d like.
God rewards faithfulness, and that’s what He’s called us to.Intern Jacob Heaton

You will work and serve beside a seasoned Village Missionary who will be your mentor and friend. At the conclusion of your internship, your mentor will be a prayer warrior and a colleague to help with future questions and problems.


As a Bible College Intern, you will experience many facets of rural ministry with Village Missions. You will be called to help or lead such things as Camp, VBS, Bible studies, Sunday school teaching, preaching or other activities that God may use to guide your future plans.

You may also find opportunities to get involved in the local community through soup kitchens, coaching, volunteer fire fighting or other community activities and celebrations.

This mixture of responsibilities will help give an understanding of the dual work Village Missionaries have in both preaching the Word and loving the community at large.

Why Become a Bible College Intern?

Bible College internships are best for men or couples in college who need internship hours and desire the opportunity to learn more about rural ministry in a hands-on internship setting.

Please contact us to apply or learn more. 

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