Benjamin and Kristen Bielenberg, Blue Mound, KS

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: September 26, 2018

Not very long ago, I got a call that I wasn’t expecting. I had heard just the day before about a local 19-year-old girl that grew up in a town about 15 minutes away and had passed away suddenly as the result of an apparent overdose. The call I received was from the local funeral home director asking if I would be willing to perform her funeral. I was surprised to be asked to do this service since I had never met the girl or her immediate family. After meeting with the parents, it was evident to me that this family was broken without much hope.

With a lot of people praying for me and the Holy Spirit leading, I spoke to a packed-out church about the Real Hope that can be known through the person of Jesus. I have spoken to the family many times since and they are coping the best they know how. Please pray that they will give their lives to the Lord. The funeral home director told me after the services that the reason I got the call for the service is that as a church we have a reputation as being loving and caring. He said, “People see that you have a genuine love for people and you are willing to meet them where they are at.” I pray that this will always be true of God’s Church!

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