Avenal, CA

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: September 9, 2009
CoronasThere have been many good testimonies from our church members. God did a miracle for one young girl, 13 years old, who has been treated for bone cancer in one knee. The doctors did their part, but amazingly she recovered her health by faith since she was praying for no more chemotherapy. God showed us His power when doctors diagnosed no more cancer cells in her bone and decided that it was not necessary to remove the bone of her knee. These powerful testimonies are happening with those who put in practice their faith, including a young girl that was in the hospital after being bitten by a black widow three times. She is out of risk now. A brother in Christ was also healed after having gallstones, and his prayer and faith allowed him to be healed without surgery. You know what, he did not have medical insurance, and that’s why I know that God saw his faith and operated His merciful love unto him. Amen! Also at our baptisms in Cambria, we had 11 church members baptized, thanks to God!   Raul & Teresa Corona
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