Associate Village Missionary

Job Description

Are you a retired or semi-retired pastor and want to continue to serve the Lord?

 Do you feel that you have several years to serve the Lord? 

You can serve as an Associate Village Missionary!

Associate Village Missionaries have a unique role in the ministry of Village Missions, as they pastor churches which are either waiting for their first Village Missionary or are in transition from a former pastor. Associate Village Missionaries serve much in the same way as full-time Village Missionaries.

As Associate Village Missionaries, you will integrate yourself into the local church, as well as the community at large. You will lead the church as a shepherd through such avenues as preaching, teaching and mentoring. You will show the love of Christ to the community through such avenues as visitation, having coffee at the local café, volunteering in local activities and serving alongside neighbors in their trades. You will live in the same community where you preach and live out the Village Missions motto, “Preach the Word and Love the People” in this small town or rural location.

The Associate program is a flexible way for you to continue to serve the Lord through missionary and pastoral means. This plan also allows for a modified application process.

For more information on becoming an Associate Village Missionary, please contact us.


How long am I committed?
As an Associate Missionary you will serve for a minimum of three months in one location. Some Associate Missionaries have committed themselves to serving on a field until full time leadership can be found.
Where do I live?
As an Associate Missionary, you will live in the parsonage that is required by all Village Missions churches.
Am I compensated?
Most Village Missions churches are able to provide some financial assistance. The church also pays for all utilities associated with the church parsonage.
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