As You Pray This Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: July 3, 2012
Dear Praying Friends, Praise the Lord for good Village Missions’ conferences in Lava Hot Springs, ID and Green Bay Bible Camp near Kelowna, BC. Please be in prayer for Brian and Carole as they travel to Colorado and western Kansas starting Saturday, July 7. Brian will be preaching at Cotopaxi Community Church, a field served by Village Missions in Cotopaxi, CO Sunday. They will then travel to Rexford, KS to attend a Village Missions’ mini-conference. Please be in prayer for the missionaries and their families as they attend this conference. Then they will be back in Colorado Springs for additional meetings through the next weekend. Please pray for Village Missions, Village Missionaries, and the churches we serve as we transition from a self-funded health plan to a “fully-insured” plan. We praise the Lord that the coverage is quite comparable with our old plan-especially for Village Missionaries who are experiencing serious health issues. But the premium increase will be a challenge both for Village Missions and for the churches we serve. Our Village Missions Employee Benefit Board will be closely monitoring the situation. Pray for patience for all as we navigate through a constantly changing health care system. Also pray for understanding that this change enables us to continue health coverage for several ill missionaries-without full cooperation we wouldn’t be able to do so. Please continue to pray for our ill missionaries. Thank you for praying!
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