As You Pray This Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: April 10, 2019

When you get this Brian and Carole will be at the ANAM (Association of North American Missions) meeting in Albuquerque. Pray for wisdom for the board as it meets and for valuable seminars.
We will be spending some time over Easter in Grand Rapids, MI to see Carole’s family. A special treat— our grandson Thaddeus will be flying out from Los Angeles with his parents, so we will get to see them as well! Please pray for safety in travel.

CDI Director Ron Sallee & his wife Maryilyn: We have had the privilege of visiting many VM churches and it is always a blessing to hear enthusiastic AMENs when I tell them their pastor is Jesus gift to His church. 😊It is also a blessing to see the congregations catch the bigger vision of Village Missions that lies outside of their own church.Coming up we have a trips to Coram Montana and Marysville BC. Then in May we will be at Arago OR.. the first church we pastored!

The Village Missions of Canada office is being reviewed by the 4 C’s ( The Canadian Counsel of Christian Charities)on April 15,16. Please pray for a good review and that all goes smoothly

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