As you pray this week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: February 1, 2011
Dear Praying Friends, The greatest of all ministries is not eloquent speech, or munificent beneficence, or profound wisdom or untiring work, but the still hour, the touch of faith, the whisper of prayer, the silent ministry, that moves the hand that moves the universe. –A. B. Simpson Please pray for Village Missionaries in the heart of the country who are being buffeted by yet another winter storm. Thank you for praying for Brian and Carole Wechsler’s trip to Pierceville, Kansas. God was at work! If you would like to read an account and see pictures, please visit Brian’s blog here. Brian and Carole met a couple in Pierceville that God might eventually call into Village Missions after Bible school. Please pray that God will call many from our fields to serve with Village Missions. Imagine if one couple would come from each of our churches (220 not counting open fields) in the next six years! Thank you for praying!
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