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Date: October 20, 2016
prayerhandsFrom October 21-28, Brian and Carole will be in the Atlanta area for meetings. On Oct. 23, they will be visiting the Piney Grove Baptist Church, a church that has used the Contenders Discipleship Initiative, to present the ministry of Village Missions as a possibility of missions’ involvement. Then they will be attending ANAM meetings and also visiting donors to Village Missions before they return home on the 28th. Please be in prayer for safety and for productive meetings.
Please be in prayer for the upcoming board meetings during the week of October 31-November 4. The boards of Village Missions Canada and the U.S. will be having a combined meeting. This is the first time the two boards have met together since 2001. The Canada Board will meet October 31 and November 1 and then meet together with the U.S. Board on Wednesday. The U.S. Board will then meet on Thursday and Friday. Please pray for safety in travel and for productive meetings.
Please pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth missionaries to the harvest fields in rural North America. Please pray for the District Representatives as they visit Bible Colleges and Seminaries. Please pray for those enrolled in the CDI who are praying about the possibility of serving with Village Missions.
This is Pastor Appreciation Month. Please pray and thank the Lord for the Village Missionaries, husbands and wives, who serve so faithfully throughout the U.S. and Canada. Pray for their wisdom, strength, and perseverance in the ministry. Pray that God would guard their families and that together they would minister in the grace of Jesus Christ.
Please pray for Tim Griffiths and Robin McAllister as they attend a conference next week.   Pray for traveling mercies and that we would learn a lot from the seminars.
Mike Jones writes:
Please pray for me as I present a two workshops and a general session at the ANAM meeting being held in Madison, GA. Oct. 24-26.
Pray also for my time at Toccoa Falls Bible College and Luther Rice Seminary on October 24th as we try to develop relationships with those two schools.
October 27-28 I will be in Jacksonville, FL, meeting with a representative of Trinity Bible school and possibly Jacksonville Baptist Seminary, as well as meeting with a potential candidate.
Pray that this time will be well spent. 
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