As You Pray This Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: September 8, 2016
Praying 1Thank you for your commitment in praying for Village Missions.
Please pray for our District Representatives as they begin fall visits to churches and colleges.
Keep Village Missionary kids in prayer as they head back to school. Pray also for Village Missionaries who will be involved in teaching and other school activities. Pray that they might have opportunities to share the Gospel wherever they are. 
Ron Sallee writes:
“Praise for answered pray: I am on a scuba trip with Red Sea Explorers, but my main desire was to share Christ with my life and to have the opportunity to share the Gospel message. I have had been able to do both. Pray for Faisal and Tanya, the boat owner and his girlfriend. After listening to Faisal for an hour as he explained his Palestinian heritage, I was able to share Jesus with both of them in great detail. Pray that the Holy Spirit will cause this message to take root.
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