As You Pray This Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: September 29, 2015

Prayer5Village Missions has had several requests recently from churches, coast to coast, that have asked for our help.  We have approximately twenty churches that are in need of leadership, although Associate Village Missionaries, who function as interim missionaries, serve almost half of those churches.  Please pray that God will guard these churches as they wait for leadership and that God will raise up the Village Missionaries needed to fill these fields.  Also, pray that God will provide the funds for Village Missions to cover the health insurance and salary until these churches get on their feet.

Thank you for praying for Jim Cross and Tim Griffiths.   They had a good time at the open house in New Gloucester, ME.   


​​Roy Adrian writes, “A friend of mine passed away yesterday – Sept 16/15, at the age of 65. My friend had some spiritual experience and there were times that I would have sincerely believed that he knew the Lord. At other times however, there was not a lot of evidence. Pray that the funeral service would be a powerful testimony of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to his family and many, many, unsaved friends.”

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