As You Pray This Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: September 9, 2015

Prayer5Many of the churches served by Village Missions will be starting the first course in our Contenders Discipleship Initiative, Bibliology and Bible Study Methods, this month.  Please pray for wisdom for Village Missionaries as they prepare to teach, for good enrollments, and perseverance as church people take these challenging but rewarding classes.  You can learn more about the tuition paid courses available through the CDI at  We strongly believe these courses are essential as we continue to see the downward decline of society and as believers succumb to the pressures around them.
Thank you so much for praying for Carole for her hip replacement surgery.  She is doing quite well after surgery and we are especially grateful for the prayers on our behalf.
Like other churches, churches served by Village Missions will be starting their fall activities.  We praise the Lord for the outreach occurring in several communities where, without Village Missions, there would be no Gospel witness.  Please pray for planning, for those involved in the ministries, and for there to be wonderful results for the kingdom.
Forest fires have threatened several of the areas served by Village Missions and many of our Village Missionaries serve on the local volunteer fire departments.  Please pray for rain and for safety for all those who are fighting these fires

Roy Adrian writes, “I need your prayer support as I try to head up the Forward Again Campaign. It involves working with all the Canadian Churches, missionaries and the Canadian Board members. This is far out of my comfort zone. We need to raise $285,000.00 within a year and a half.”

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