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Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: July 8, 2015

Praying 4We are halfway through our eastern staff conference.  The east is one of our districts who have been unable to hold a full-length conference with families present until this year.  However, this year all the couples are here with their families!  We thank the Lord for His wonderful provision!  Please pray that God will encourage and strengthen the missionary families at this conference!
Brian will be the main speaker for a mission’s conference at Emmaus Mennonite Church in Whitewater, KS; July 19-22. Please pray for Brian as he prepares and presents a series of messages on Philippians 2.

Pray that the recent spring candidates and new  interns will be able to secure their support in a timely manner so placements can be made.

Pray that the church presentations our District Representatives will be making will result in additional churches seeking leadership.

Pray that our missionaries will return from conference refreshed and anxious to resume ministry.

Thank you for praying for Judie and Mike Jones  as they have engaged with many missionaries throughout this summer conference season.

Roy Adrian writes, “I have two wedding ceremonies to conduct this summer. Pray that I will have freedom to share Jesus Christ with the families of the couples getting married.”

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