As You Pray This Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: December 2, 2014
Man praying

Village Missions U.S. is involved in a major transition in the health care it provides its missionaries, mostly through the churches. We supplement some of the costs (about $185,000 last fiscal year) for churches that cannot afford the health insurance. We are switching January 1 to combination of a Christian sharing ministry, health reimbursement account, and prescription coverage. Our plan is required to be ObamaCare compliant, so it is quite a complicated endeavor but should result in reduced costs. Please pray for wisdom and for a smooth transition to this new plan.

Because of increased demands in the Village Missions office and the need for accounting duties to be separated for accountability and to institute safeguards, Village Missions will be hiring a staff bookkeeper/office manager as soon as possible. Please pray with us for just the right person to fulfill this ministry.

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