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Date: January 28, 2014

cross prayingYou will soon be receiving (or perhaps have already) our annual report if you are on our mailing list. We praise God for His faithfulness over the past year in providing for Village Missions. Although over the years we have had to make some reductions in administrative staff and salaries, we have never had to say no to a church that has asked us for help and have always had the funds to provide the salary and health benefits for our missionaries at fields that pay below our minimum salary level. We praise Him also that with the Contenders Discipleship Initiative we have the prospect of having more workers for the harvest. Please continue to pray for this Initiative-the class videos and educational materials continue to be produced.  For the United States, the Annual Report, audited financial statements, and IRS Form 990 are available at 

Roy and Lennie Adrian write, “We thank God for a wonderful winter vacation. Hawaii was lovely! We are asking you to pray for Lennie’s sister Frieda. She is in the fight of her life! She has just begun chemo treatments for cancer. It is already stage 4, so unless God works a miracle she does not have much hope. ‘But He is able!'”

Mike Jones will be at Calvary Bible College for their winter mission conference. Please pray for our recruiting efforts and for the two seminars he will be doing.

Pray for the missionaries who attended the California conference last week, that they will be encouraged as they head back to their churches and ministries.

Pray for our application process as my Administrative Assistant, Lisa West, works at getting all the paperwork in order for our spring Candidate School. It looks like we may have 9 couples attending. We currently have 17 churches in the US and 8 churches in Canada waiting for leadership.  Pray for those churches as they patiently wait for a new leader.

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