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Date: January 14, 2014
We thank the Lord for all those who gave generously to Village Missions at year’s end, and, of course, throughout the year.  We are still tallying the results in both the U.S. and Canada but it appears that Village Missions endedpraisethelord the year in a strong financial position. One prayer I have for the coming year is that our partners in praying and giving will realize the difference they are making in people’s lives all across our two countries.  2014 will probably be filled with its share of bad news but the good news is that the Good News is being heard in many communities where otherwise there would be no church.  If you ever happen to be discouraged in the coming year take great encouragement by the eternal good you are bringing to people’s lives. Report on Contender’s Discipleship Initiative: Videotaping of the first class, Bible Study Methods and Bibliology, has been completed atMachias Community Church.  Please pray as the sessions are rendered into a form suitable for distribution and as web page design is begun. We are in the final stages of processing formal applications for our spring candidate school.  The next stages include background checks, reference forms, and interviews in the home by the District Representatives in the candidate’s homes. Please pray that God will use all aspects of this process to call people to serve in the forgotten communities of our two countries.  As of now, we have received six applications, with perhaps a few more on the way. Please pray for our Village Missions churches that are awaiting a full time Village Missionary.   Currently, we have 17 churches in the United States and 8 churches in Canada that need missionary pastors.  
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