As You Pray This Week

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: January 17, 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

  Please be in prayer for Brian and Carole as they are in Michigan.  Brian will be preaching January 20 at the Clam River Chapel, our new field in Falmouth, MI.  This field has been served by new Village Missionaries Seth and Julie Finch since November.  The church is located east and a little south of Cadillac and is near our field in Jennings.  Brian and Carole will also be visiting Larry and Kathy Shetenhelm, who serve in Jennings.  Please pray for safety and that we will be an encouragement to our missionaries.   Roy & Lennie Adrian ask you to keep them in prayer as they do all the year-end tasks related to the processing and receipting of donations in Canada. Thank you to all who support Village Missions of Canada through your giving and your prayers.   Please pray for the memorial service for Donna Tanner that will be held January 20th at the Tanwax Country Chapel in Eatonville, WA.  Please continue to pray for comfort for Dan and the rest of his family. Missionaries in the Southwest will be getting together for a couple’s getaway in California next week.  Please pray that the missionaries will be encouraged and enjoy some time together.   Pray for the interviews being conducted by our District Representatives with couples planning to attend the spring school.   Pray for our churches as many struggle with meeting financial obligations.
Thank you for praying!
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