Arnold & Eleanor Tracey, Whonnock, BC

Posted in: Prayer Spotlight
Date: January 10, 2018

Whonnock is an beautiful place to live with lush rain forest kind of vegetation, lakes, mountains, the Fraser River and the ocean all within an hour drive. The community of Whonnock remains “rural” in that many people have horses, chickens, sheep, goats and llamas – just enough critters to get “farm tax breaks.” It has become a bedroom community for two cities on either side of it. Maple Ridge is 15 minutes west towards Vancouver and 15 minutes east towards Mission. The Whonnock Lake Centre, Elementary school and Little Red ‘N White Post Office/Feed store are the hub of the community.

PRAYER REQUESTS: We are encouraged by what God is doing at Wildwood. Last October, only our grandchildren were in Sunday School. We’ve since had four new families attending; a newlywed couple, a young couple from China who just moved to Canada (we communicate through emails so they can use software to translate into their language) and two Romanian families (and their nine kids).

Our Sunday School is much busier but a lot of fun. We’re also blessed to have our young adults involved and showing leadership in our music ministry. Would you come alongside us in praying for these families and the following needs we have in our ministry? Grace, the Chinese gal, has asked us to pray that her husband would become a Christian. And pray for us as we are in full swing with our Jr. Youth Group ministry.

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