Andrew & Sherri Strickland, Cambridge, NY

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: January 9, 2019

We heard over the weekend that a friend broke his arm when he was milking last week. I went over in the morning and helped with chores and promised that Sherri and I would come back in the evening to help again. We have been meeting with them on Tuesday nights for discipleship since September. I have a much greater appreciation for dairy farmers after working just a few hours on the farm. Sherri got to bottle feed a calf and was super excited about that. I lined up another guy from the church to help out a few mornings so that they could get back on track. I took him to the hospital to get his surgery on his arm on Wednesday. The son was back home that evening and by the end of the week things were stabilized. The church family came to the aid of this couple and it was a great testimony of the love of Jesus.

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