Adam & Tamara Hamill, Rock, MI

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: December 29, 2016

I was on my way to the church to do some sermon prep, when I decided that I really wanted to swing by the Senior Center right then. I didn’t know why the desire hit me, but I broke a bit harder than usual (no problem on a mostly empty road), made a U-turn and headed right to the Senior Center. I pulled into the parking lot to find three men, who had built a 15-foot long, 4-foot high wall, had just unloaded several large panes of glass to be lifted on top of the wall and installed. It looked as if I had arrived at just the right moment to help lift the windows and hold them while they were drilled into the wall. I was glad to help the community, glad to spend more quality time with those men, and thankful that God directed me to go there at just the right time.

The Hamills are new to their field in Rock, Michigan, but exciting things are happening there. To read another story of how God is working, check out our December bulletin insert!

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