Accepted: Mission to Reach Rural Children

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Date: August 13, 2017

Challenge to reach rural children acceptedThis bulletin insert tells the story of rural children who faced a big challenge is made available to you as a PDF document.

Mission Accepted

Does it really matter if a small-town church closes? What differences does a small country church make for rural children?

These are great questions, and at Village Missions, we believe the answers are quite simple.

The Beginning: Reaching Rural Children

Several months ago, Village Missionaries Joe and Anna Levesque (Elk Creek, CA, pop. 168) responded to an email inviting them to receive a VBS kit supplied by Reach 19. Reach 19 is a Village Missions program that equips Village Missions churches to reach rural children with the gospel.

Through a partnership with Answers in Genesis, Reach 19 supplied the VBS kit for free. This kit contained all the material needed to hold a week-long VBS. It included manuals, DVDs, games, coloring pages and even “Save the Date” postcards and invitations.

The Middle: Rural Children Reaching Out

Hosting the VBS with fellow Village Missionaries Kevin and Darleen Weston (Stonyford, CA, pop. 149), the missionaries decided to give all the offering funds raised back to Reach 19. They wanted to reach more rural children, just like those in their own community!

After weeks of prayer, planning and coordinating, the missionaries watched as 63 kids arrived for Day 1! Considering the local elementary school only has 49 kids, the missionaries were astounded.

On the first day, Joe and Kevin challenged the children to raise $190 to help another church put on a youth program through Reach 19. After just two days, the kids were already close. So they gave a second challenge to raise $380, enough for two new church programs to reach rural children.

On Friday morning, the final offering was collected and counted. The students had raised…


They had met their goal with 51 cents to spare!

These rural children did not just benefit from the generosity of others who cared about rural kids. They showed that they, too, have a desire to help other boys and girls just like them. Because of their excitement to help others, two new rural churches will be able to reach local kids in a way they couldn’t before.

It Doesn’t End Here

Maybe you have that same passion to see rural children reached with the gospel. Can you and your friends, Sunday school class or church raise $380 to reach TWO MORE communities?

These children gave out of their desire to see others reached for the gospel.

Will you join them today?
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