A Legacy of Rural Ministry

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Date: February 6, 2018

We have a legacy of rural ministry. For 70 years, Village Missions has been reaching rural North America with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Over these years, hundreds of men and women have served in the most unremembered places across the United States and Canada, preaching the Word and loving the people. This quarter, we are remembering those who have sacrificed so much to reach the lost – our Village Missionaries.

If there is one thing Village Missionaries have learned about rural ministry over the years, it is that things take time. The three stories you will read over the coming months highlight the work of Village Missionaries who dedicated their lives to long-term ministry – who cared about staying faithful to God’s calling on their lives – not just raising attendance or increasing the monthly offering.

In rural ministry, it can take months or years to earn the trust of those in your small town or rural community. Village Missionaries understand that to effectively reach these people with the Gospel, you can’t simply stand behind a pulpit. You need to be a missionary! You need to drive down dirt roads to find hidden-away homes, go to care homes and far-away hospitals, and volunteer in the community.

That is how you reach the lost in rural North America.

I invite you to join us in the following issues of Country Matters Online, as we read the stories of men and women from the first days of Village Missions to today. I hope these encourage you, that though rural North America has changed, our commitment to reaching these people is stronger than ever. After 70 years, our Village Missionaries stand on the same foundation as those who went before them – the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is our legacy of rural ministry.

The Canady family left a continuing legacy of rural ministry with Village Missions A Legacy of Rural Ministry
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