A Higher Purpose: Called to Carry the Gospel to Rural Communities

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Date: August 7, 2017
A Higher Purpose

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Called to Carry the Gospel to Rural Communities

Eighteen-year-old David flipped the greasy slab of meat over and sighed.

“Surely God has a higher purpose for me than this,” David thought.

David and Aimee Hanson followed God's leading to serve rural communitiesTwelve years later, David and his wife, Aimee, would sell and give away nearly all their possessions, trade in their cars for a minivan and drive across the country to pastor a small-town church.

Faith and Identity

Though David and Aimee are some of Village Missions’ newest Village Missionaries, their journey toward ministry goes back over 20 years.

As a pastor’s son, David was well-versed in Christianity, but it wouldn’t be until age 18 that he would truly dedicate his life completely to God. Aimee was born into an unbelieving home, but after watching her parents give their lives to the Lord, she wasn’t far behind.

Though David and Aimee led separate childhoods far from each other, God was slowly molding both of them for ministry and leading them toward each other.

Two Roads Join

After working fast food and realizing God was calling him to something more, David was affirmed by friends and family to attend Bible college.

“My calling was gently being shaped and defined. I went from volunteering as a Sunday School instructor at a couple churches to assisting my Dad at his church,” said David. “There, I fell in love with preaching, teaching and studying the Bible.”

Meanwhile, Aimee was finishing her university degree in occupational therapy and planning for a career in her field. Full-time ministry was still nowhere on her radar. That changed after meeting David on a blind date and learning of his passion for ministry.

An Open Door

As David completed his Master’s degree, he applied to various denominations. He grew discouraged as door after door continually closed. Upon hearing about Village Missions for the first time, David reached out and was quickly contacted by Executive Director Murray Graham.

“They gave us an overview of Village Missions, and the need for pastors in country churches,” said David. “Since my dad has been a country pastor for a large part of my life, I understood the importance of faithful pastors serving in the country. I know personally that small towns are often overlooked.”

David and Aimee began to fervently pray that God would close every door He didn’t want them to go through and only open one door.

While every other door remained bolted shut, David and Aimee became increasingly drawn to the philosophy of Village Missions – preaching the Word and loving the people in small forgotten places across rural Canada.

“We knew that this was the place God wanted us to be,” said David.

Minivan Road Trip

Village Missionaries serve rural communities like Weston, NSIn early 2017, David and Aimee accepted their first assignment in Weston, NS, a church 4700 kilometers and six provinces away.

Though overwhelmed at the idea of picking up and moving across the country in less than two months, David and Aimee remained faithful to their calling. They quickly put everything of value for sale online, donated a dozen boxes to stores and family, traded in both of their cars and packed all their earthly possessions into a their minivan.

“Because of God’s goodness we had the money we needed to make our trip and begin a new life in Nova Scotia,” said Aimee.

Trust and Obey

In Luke 9:23, Jesus says that true disciples must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him. David and Aimee serve as a great example of a young couple who felt the call to ministry and entrusted everything to God in pursuit of that calling.

“I don’t believe that Village Missions is for everyone,” warned David. “It is not for the faint of heart, it is for those that are willing to rely and trust on God to provide for them. And it is not for those who are fixed on numbers and fame, but to those who are desirous to reach out to the unreached in places people have never heard of.”

Perhaps you, like David and Aimee, feel that same call – a desire to preach the Word and love the people in rural communities, to share the love of Jesus with those who have never experienced true love and forgiveness.

To learn more about serving with Village Missions, visit villagemissions.org or call us at 800.617.9905
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