A Help in Times of Tragedy

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Date: November 30, 2018

Where Do We Turn in Times of Tragedy?

America is not immune to tragedy.

And when tragedies and disasters strike, there people often turn to one place: the church.

People may go decades without attending a single worship service, but when tragedy devastates a town, the local Village Missionary usually receives one of the first calls.

People feel safe calling Village Missionaries, because they have years of example to look back on. The pastor’s family has already shown that they care about the community by attending festivals, sporting events and school functions. They are locals at the café, a helping hand during harvest season, a presence beside hospital beds.

Village Missionaries show themselves faithful and trustworthy in the small things, so people know they can trust them in great tragedies.

The past 12 months have been full of such tragedies in communities served by Village Missions. Five communities found themselves affected by forest fires, several of them experiencing evacuation and loss of homes. One Village Missions church burned to the ground in an electrical fire, and two communities faced devastating school shootings.

Stories of Hope in Times of Tragedy

We love to focus on the positives – the wonderful things happening in rural America. But this quarter, we want to briefly step into these devastating situations and see how God uses Village Missionaries and rural churches to bring hope.

This quarter, you will read about God’s protection over a small community in California, where a man drove through town shooting at people, cars, buildings and even students. You will hear about a school shooting in Washington, and how the local Village Missions family comforts the people a year later. And you will hear from longtime Village Missionaries as they share the devastating loss of their 100-year-old church building.

Yet, through all of this, I hope you see the hand of God amidst the tragedy and the faithful ministry of Village Missionaries who so willingly serve to bring hope in unremembered places.

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