A Good Work

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Date: July 10, 2018

A Good WorkThis bulletin insert about God’s work in the life of the Christian is made available to you as a PDF document.

Philippians 1:6 says, “For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”


Beginning A Good Work

What a blessed promise to every Christian!  When you trust in Christ you are now His.  You belong to God, and He loves you!  Not the same way He loves all people of the world, but you are loved as one of God’s own children.  John 13:1b states, (Jesus) “having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end.”  And a part of God’s great love for you is that He will accomplish His perfect will in and for your life “…until the day of Christ Jesus.”

I am a “PK”—a preacher’s kid.  I am a “VMPK”—a Village Missions preacher’s kid! And I am also a Village Missionary.  Looking back, I see and understand God’s loving hand on me.  I trusted in Christ at age 4—the best a four-year-old can.  I knew God could live inside me, and I wanted that. 

Continuing A Good Work

As a teenager, I learned about sin and saw myself as a great sinner.  I struggled some in those years, wondering “Am I really saved?” and “How can God forgive someone…a sinner like me?”  God’s grace is “greater than all my sin” and greater than anyone’s great sin.

I can see that Jesus Christ, my Savior, has always looked over me. He has been protecting me and perfecting me to be more like Christ Jesus.  I have many, many examples, but one that comes to mind is during high school.  I was riding in the back of my brother’s truck, standing up in the back (not a good idea!).  My brother swerved to miss a large pot hole, I went flying out, and the back tire ran over my leg and foot.  It felt like it was happening in slow motion.  God’s angels protected me from death or even a very bad injury.  God was not done with me.  He was just beginning to work within me!  

As I look over my life, I see God at work – not only in physical protection, but in my spiritual life as well.  Day by day, I learn and grow in Him, and it’s not what I’m doing, but God’s loving hand on my life.  If you know Christ as your Savior, rest assured “He that began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

About the Author

Tim and Debbie, Village Missionaries for almost seven years, served first in Encampment, WY, and now in Wetmore, CO. Tim considers himself being in VM all his life it seems, as Dad, Bill Easterling was a missionary as long as Tim can remember. Dad went home to be with the Lord in 2017, but Tim brought joy to Dad’s heart by following in VM, as a second career.

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