What a pastor experiences

What a Pastor Experiences: Confusion, Comfort, Care and Worship!

You may wonder what a pastor experiences while serving. District Representative Mark Canady shares a personal story that tells of times of confusion, comfort, care, & worship.
Remember to Remember the Lord!

Remember to Remember the Lord

What do false teeth and Scriptures have in common? District Representative Mark Canady uses humor to tie it all together while he reminds us of the importance of remembering to remember the Lord.

Village Missions and the Affordable Care Act

Background:  When I became Executive Director in November 2000, Village Missions had a self-funded health insurance plan, in other words, we were our own insurance carrier.  We collected premiums from the churches we served and used a T.P.A. (Third Party Administrator) to administrate medical bills.  We carried stop-loss insurance to cover major medical expenses.  Over […]

Village Missions Changes Health Care Coverage

Summary: Village Missions has chosen to suspend its self-funded health plan and purchase a fully-insured group plan from Regence BlueCrossHistory of Self-Funded Plan: Nearly two decades ago, because of rising health insurance costs, Village Missions decided to develop a self-funded health plan.  This plan succeeded in providing adequate coverage for our missionaries serving in a […]

Looking Back Along the Trail

Remembering the challenging times along the trail, I am amazed at what God has done and how graciously He has provided for Village Missions in the past ten years.

Are Health Insurance Companies the Villains?

If our experience with a self-funded plan, a plan in which we provide our own health coverage, is any indication, insurance companies are only a small contributor to the high medical costs. Citizens may very well be in for some profound “sticker shock” when it comes time to ante up for their monthly premium.

Village Missions Gut Check

This gut check also causes me to examine whether I am fully convinced that God has more for Village Missions to do. The next years will be difficult years for us. As director, will I have the “courage, character, or determination” to do what needs to be done? It will be a “gut check” for all who say they believe in keeping country churches alive, requiring much more “courage, character, and determination” than in years past. It will require people to pray earnestly and give sacrificially.

On Having Cancer- Part 2

How does suffering make us more like Christ?  Suffering causes us to examine whether we are aligned with His great purpose in making us like Christ. 

Wonderful Encouragement

This blog is under construction so that soon people will be able to post comments directly. I received this wonderful e-mail from retired Village Missionary Jim Scanlon. Jim and Delores will soon be serving in Friant, CA as Associates.  Our Associate Program allows retired missionaries or even layman to serve our churches on an interim […]

On Having Cancer

I am writing this article while on vacation at Russ Wayland’s wonderful cabin in northern Washington called the “Refuge.” Two days ago, I learned that I have prostate cancer.  I have not met with the doctor in person yet.  He told me on the phone that it was a small, non-aggressive form of cancer.  I […]
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