Staff conference plays a vital part in caring for ministry wounds

Band-Aids for Pastors: Caring for Ministry Wounds

Our summer Staff Conferences play a vital role in caring for ministry wounds. Mark Canady shares his personal of conference & explains “two band-aid wounds”.
Village Missions is reaching diverse communities.

Reaching Diverse Communities for Christ

On each Village Missions field served by Richard & Ellen Hayes, Village Missionaries are reaching diverse communities for Christ. And just as each community is unique, so is the missionary who serves there. What binds it all together, though, is the desire to advance the gospel message.
Hope in the Desert: Coaching Missionaries to Success in Ministry

Hope in the Desert: Coaching New Missionaries to Succeed in Ministry

James & Katie Attebury recognize that their District Representatives can help them succeed in ministry. Their story shows the vital role the DR plays in their work.
An Effective Representation of Christ

An Effective Representation of Christ | Part 2 of The Big Question

Why do we do what we do? Jon Hansen continues to explain as he shows how an effective representation of Christ affects those we come into contact with.
A heavenly calling to ministry

A Heavenly Calling to Ministry | Part 1 of The Big Question

When Jon Hansen was asked why he does what he does, he was prompted to give deeper thought to his calling to ministry. Learn what he discovered in this two-part series.
Good leaders have a good vision

The Necessity of Vision

God has placed leaders within the church to equip and lead. But without vision, the path will be difficult. How can we discover our vision for leadership?

Ultimate Repurposing: Something New, Something Old

By Richard Hayes, District Representative, Southwest I want to draw your attention to Luke 5:33-39. In the context of this verse Jesus has been questioned about the practice of fasting. In response Jesus says, “… ‘Can you make wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is with them? The days will come when the bridegroom is […]
Practical Training for Ministry

CDI: Practical Training for Ministry

Village Missions’ CDI provides practical training for ministry. This training comes without cost and integrates intense study with internship.
We must give priority to the authority of God's Word.

The Authority of God’s Word

“When the authoritative, absolute, objective Word of God becomes secondary to a person’s personal experiences, then the church is in trouble.” District Representative Richard Hayes discusses the authority of God’s Word.

Evangelism 101: Love the People

“To be effective at evangelism, we need to first know God well.” District Representative Jon Hansen develops this idea with insight and illustrations from the Bible.
Hillside BIble Church Fire

Hillside Bible Church Fire Ruins Building…But The Church Remains

By Mark Canady, District Representative, Western District The church building in Hillside, Oregon, was never going to last! Just days ago, the Hillside Bible Church fire destroyed the building. A Historic Building Don’t get me wrong! It was an amazing building, built through the hard labor of men and women in the early 1880’s and […]
Prayer in the Country Church

Prayer in the Country Church

While it may be easy to see drawbacks of small churches, those same churches often can reach their communities in ways their larger counterparts cannot. District Representative Greg Petrie discusses one of these aspects: prayer in the country church
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