Missionaries Need Rest & Renewal

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Date: May 14, 2019
By Greg Petrie, District Representative, Northwest District

Missionaries Need Rest

Ministry holds many joys and blessings. As a missionary pastor, you get to be present for many of the most significant moments of people’s lives. You are able to be a witness of spiritual birth and have a part in someone’s spiritual growth. You get to share truth from the Scripture that brings change to a person’s life. But sometimes, missionaries need rest.

Some experiences take a toll. Even too much of a good thing can drain your energy reserves. Life and ministry don’t proceed as expected, and the reality of living in a world and among people still subject to the curse can sap your energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. Sometimes you just get worn down. What’s a missionary pastor to do when they need a break?

A Place of Rest for Missionaries

Peace Haven provides rest for missionariesAs I write this blog, I am sitting at Peace Haven, a cabin on Camano Island, Washington, about an hour north of Seattle. Years ago, retired Village Missionary Bill Wayland had a burden and a vision for helping Village Missionaries that are tired, worn out, even facing burnout. Bill trusted God to supply and He did.

God provided a piece of land and the resources to build a cabin on Camano Island. Bill served there as a Village Missionary for many years. Village Missionaries (and other pastors and missionaries) could come to this cabin free of charge to rest, refresh and recharge. Bill even made arrangements with a Christian counselor nearby who would meet with a Village Missionary couple, again at no charge to the missionaries.

Peace Haven provides rest for missionariesAs God continued to provide, Peace Haven built a second house. They called it Rest Haven. Rest Haven, a 3-bedroom home, can house a missionary family that needs a break. Bill committed to provide this ministry to Village Missionaries and others as long as God continues to supply the resources.

Village Missions Provides Rest for Missionaries

A facility and ministry like Peace Haven is just one more blessing for service with Village Missions. Ministry in rural America can be challenging at times. Missionaries easily feel alone and isolated. It’s easy to get run down. Missionaries sometimes lack the financial resources for a restful getaway. Peace Haven and Rest Haven are there for you. They exist because Bill and those who support his ministry understand and care.

Sometimes, pastors and missionaries seem like we have it all together, and have the spiritual, mental, and physical stamina to keep going. Yet, they are human just like everyone else. They need times to refresh their souls. They need to renew their minds and rest their earthly bodies from the labor in which they toil for the souls of men.

And when God’s workers enter back into their ministries with new vigor and endurance, what amazing work can be done for the Kingdom!

If you are a Village Missionary and need a break, contact your District Representative. He will help connect you with Bill and schedule a time for you to get away for some peace and rest.

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