Jonathan & Doralyn Elgby, Ear Falls, ON

Posted in: Stories From The Fields
Date: May 8, 2019

This week we so thankful for how the Awana Grande Prix car race went. It was such a joy to have so many families and people from our community in our Church. I was so blessed with how many came, and how many unbelievers heard the gospel. I used a gospel tract/booklet called “Ultimate Questions” as my outline for the message. I have really appreciated that booklet as it uses so much scripture and shares the gospel clearly. We were able to give one to everyone and I was so blessed to see people having them to take home and read by themselves. One man told me he would read it when he got home. It seemed like people connected with the message and I pray that God will work powerfully through the gospel they heard, and through being able to learn more about the gospel on their own from those booklets. What a blessing to have these amazing opportunities to share the light of Jesus with so many that need Him!

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