Contenders Discipleship Initiative


One of the core issues we face in keeping Country Churches alive is meeting the need for qualified, biblical leadership – leadership that understands how to minister in a country community. That’s at the heart of what Village Missions does in rural communities. Without a leader, church communities will struggle. It makes unity difficult, and it makes having an impact on the community even harder. So many Country Churches contact us, looking for a full-time pastor, and we strive to provide that leadership for them.

“Just to let you know that I greatly appreciate Village Missions, and especially the New Contenders Discipleship Initiative! We (Canyon Community Church) have recently completed the Bibliology course, and it was without question the best study that I have ever taken. I shared in my evaluation the old saying, “feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. This definitely fits the description of the course, and I am looking forward to future studies. Thanks to everyone involved in putting this great program together!”
-Fred Smith, CDI Student, Coram MT

Sometimes, folks feel called to ministry with Village Missions, but they don’t feel equipped. They may even have years of experience in loving and ministering to the church, but they don’t have enough Bible knowledge to feel confident preaching, or giving biblical advice.

That’s where the Contenders Discipleship Initiative (CDI) comes in. Through CDI, the congregation is trained and people are educated specifically to go into ministry, and students are prepared to become pastors of small churches. The best part is, they meet in the evenings, so people can continue to support their families while they make the transition.

This model has been so effective that we are encouraging it throughout Village Missions. Christians in our congregations are being trained on a Bible-school level, and we trust that many will respond to God’s call to serve with Village Missions!

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