DR Expansion

Looking Ahead: Missionary Reflections on the DR Expansion

Village Missionaries reflect on the upcoming DR expansion. They look forward to benefits for their churches, church leadership, and themselves.
equipping young missionaries

Equipping Young Missionaries for Rural Ministry

Thomas & Micah Heotzler are reaching their community…and Skip & Venita Pullen stand by to help. They are equipping young missionaries for service.
Hope in the Desert: Coaching Missionaries to Success in Ministry

Hope in the Desert: Coaching New Missionaries to Succeed in Ministry

James & Katie Attebury recognize that their District Representatives can help them succeed in ministry. Their story shows the vital role the DR plays in their work.
Village Missions: A Family Legacy

A Family Legacy

The Carney and Oswell families share a unique bond–their service to Village Missions is a family legacy.
For Nathan & Amanda Devena, joining Village Missions was coming home to ministry

Coming Home to Ministry

For Nathan & Amanda Devena, the idea of rural ministry was nothing new. Instead, when they joined Village Missions, they were coming home to ministry.
Coming full circle: why small churches matter

Full Circle: Why Small Churches Matter

Mark grew up in a Village Missions church. Now, as he pastors a similar church, he sees ministry come full circle. This story shows why small churches matter.
Standing Together in Rural Ministry

Standing Together in Rural Ministry

When tragedy struck the Valleyford community, Village Missionaries Don & Gaylene Manning rushed to help. They knew the value of standing together in rural ministry.
Shepherding the Suffering: Looking back at the Freeman High School Shooting

Shepherding the Suffering: Looking Back at the Freeman High School Shooting

The Freeman High School shooting shocked a community–but they discovered that they were Freeman Strong. Find out how Village Missionaries played a part.
Remembering the Rancho Tehama Shooting

One Year Later: Remembering the Rancho Tehama Shooting

One year ago, the Rancho Tehama Shooting devastated the community–and beyond. Now, we reflect on how Rancho Tehama Community Church was able to help the community begin the path to recovery.
CDI Is more than just a Bible Study

CDI: More Than A Bible Study

The people of the Community Church of Hokah found more than just a Bible study when they discovered the Contenders Discipleship Initiative. Together, they grew their faith in Jesus, learned about His Word, and built community together.
God's Plan for Ministry

God’s Plan for Ministry

Nathan Walters sensed God had something more for him, but didn’t know what it was. When he discovered God’s plan for ministry in his life, it made all the difference.
Practical Training for Ministry

CDI: Practical Training for Ministry

Village Missions’ CDI provides practical training for ministry. This training comes without cost and integrates intense study with internship.
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